Diy Tanning Lotion With Coffee

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Diy Tanning Lotion With Coffee. The more coffee you add, the darker the color will it be; It’s also our favourite homemade tanning lotion recipe.

How to Make Your Own Homemade SelfTanning Lotion
How to Make Your Own Homemade SelfTanning Lotion from

Commonly, people say it can stain your teeth, leaving an undesired effect; Leave on for 15 minutes before washing off. Tanning oils are designed to help you get a tan faster by increasing melanin production and lowering your spf protection.

Brew coffee or tea just like you normally would.

For this tanning lotion, you can choose to use coffee or tea. Either coffee grounds or tea bags (caffeinated) unscented white lotion. So, mix according to your desire. Some people prefer coffee, and others go for tea.