Field Dressing A Deer In Hot Weather

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Field Dressing A Deer In Hot Weather. Push the guts aside and remove the tenderloins. A lot of press goes into how to scout deer and how to shoot deer, but let’s explore the things we must consider in order to simmer silently and comfortably on a stand ready to whack a big buck as it slinks from the swamps to feed in the heat and humidity of.

How to Quarter Your Elk or Deer with your New Havalon
How to Quarter Your Elk or Deer with your New Havalon from

• use a cooler filled with ice or dry ice to store cut meat. Hogs that are gut shot must be field dressed immediately and washed out. If you don’t want to mess with deboning in the field, then at least make deep slits in the meat to expose the bone and let heat escape.

If you hunt within a few minutes of home, or if you plan to take your deer to a processor, place the deer on a tarp or blanket, pack the cavity with ice, then pack more ice along the back and hams of the deer and wrap with the tarp or blanket to trap in the cold.there are even bag coolers on the market designed to hold an entire deer.

The video below provides detailed step by step instructions on the field dressing of deer. Cliff gardiner & john keller. The salt does a couple of things. A small knife with a slick handle is dangerous.