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Umbrella Plant Care Sun. The plant is easy to grow indoors, although you will miss out on. A large, widespread genus containing over 700 annual, evergreen and perennial rhizomatous species, found across all continents in tropical and temperate climates.

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Sun parasol, Beautiful flowers, Plants from

Schefflera plants are evergreen tropical plants that are available in many varieties including some dwarf varieties. Get a glass or jar, put the branch that you cut out into the glass that filled with water. Schefflera umbrella plant care includes watering when the top layers are dry.

This genus is mostly aquatic and, most species tend to grow submerged in water.

Repot every few years in the spring. Since umbrella plants grow so fast, they might require pruning. Dilute the fertilizer to half the label’s recommendation. Let the water saturate the soil completely when watering.