Umbrella Plant Care Sun

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Umbrella Plant Care Sun. If the situation is not remedied, the plant will experience root rot and death of the plant. Some direct sunlight is okay, but limit it to not more than a few hours, and watch out for hot midday sun.

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Sun Parasol Sun parasol, Garden, Plants from

Grow umbrella plants in full sun or partial shade. Then take the cutting to propagate a new plant. It likes to be within a few feet of a sunny window.

An umbrella plant can tolerate full sun when grown in soil with consistent moisture, but one grown in partial shade can better withstand dry soil or harsh winds.

Schefflera umbrella plant care includes watering when the top layers are dry. The smaller the pot the plant is in the faster the soil will dry out. They are actually a rather easy plant to take cuttings from and propagate successfully. How much sun does an umbrella plant need?